Walden POA

Bylaws and covenants

Bylaws and covenants

The Walden Property Owners Association in the Preserve at Walden actively works to maintain the quality of the area.  Annual dues are collected every January. The responsibilities of the Walden HOA include architectural control (ACC) and to uphold the convenants. Members of the ACC review all building plans, fences, landscape plans, and exterior colors.

Please contact the Walden POA at waldenpoa@gmail.com or visit the association website at www.waldenpoa.org if should you have any questions.

The Preserve at Walden Board of Directors exists of:

  • Bill Dunston, President
  • Phil Mehl, Vice President
  • Jason Douglas, Treasurer,
  • Secretary, John Harris
  • Architectural Contol Committe, Matt Dunston
  • Access association documents on the Walden Property Owners Association at www.waldenpoa.org.