About Patina Homes

But I needed something more. I discovered an interest in being more creative about how I built homes. I realized that I do not have to build homes with some variation of what most other builders are doing. I began relying on my artistic background to create original styles that knock the socks off of home owners. It has made my building experience fun. I endeavor to change people’s feelings and mood when they walk into a home and when I see people light up, it makes my day. – Mic Davis, Owner and Visionary.

Quality of Construction

I think of building homes as if I were building them for myself. I oversee each project on a daily basis to see that things are being done to my standards and that decisions are being correctly carried out, so that when completed, add to the lasting beauty and function of the home.

How Much Does It Cost?

Designing homes with character doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. By using readily available materials in a creative way, we can deliver a great effect. Whether your budget is big or small you can get a lot for your money.

There is a well known study called “The Elements and Principals of Design”. A few home owners will hire a design firm in order to produce the ideal effect for their home. Unfortunately, the cost to hire this type of firm is prohibitive for most people. By using an innovative approach, I can accomplish the same thing. My goal is to give people what they thought they couldn’t afford or didn’t consider as a possibility.

Moving Forward

I believe home owners are going to require more from their builders in the future. Owners are going to want design features that will truly make their home a place of solace and refuge, their sanctuary.

My best home is my next one. I grow with each home. I take with me what I learned on the previous home to the next home that I build. I am always looking for and finding new possibilities. Building homes this way is a lot more work and is NOT what I thought I wanted, but I love it!